Ashley Blazejak
of Small Sprouts Preschool

Ashley serves as the Director and Lead Teacher for our preschool ministry, Small Sprouts. She strives to teach and empower children in a play-centered environment that encourages their social, emotional, academic, and spiritual growth. She seeks to draw the children’s eyes to the details of God’s creation, helping them to see His breathtaking, intentional design in the world around them and within themselves!  Childhood is a blessing that should be experienced to the fullest, and Ashley endeavors to do her part to make that an exciting reality within the classroom! 

Outside of school, Ashley enjoys time with her children, as well as organizing and creating activities for the classroom. She and her friend, Julie, have been blessed throughout the last 12 years as they have progressed through Bible studies together on a weekly basis. Throughout her life at home and school, she desires to love in action the way Paul outlines in Romans 12: 9-21.