Winter Wipeout

Friday, January 21 – Sunday, January 23
  Camp Shamineau • 2345 Ridge Road • Motley, MN
We are heading up to Camp Shamineau for a great weekend of fellowship, food and fun in the great outdoors. We will hear a great speaker, play some broomball and get to know each other better. Invite your friends to come as we seek God together!

Items to Bring:

Money for 2 fast-food meals & spending money at Savers, Bible, notebook/pen, sleeping bag (or bedding – no bedding is provided… only a mattress), pillow, coat, snow pants, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hat, gloves, warm socks, toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, etc), snacks for bus ride, WARM CLOTHES!!!… a happy heart.



12:30p – Leave Bethel
7:00p – Check-In
8:30p – Leaders’ Meeting
9:00p – Chapel
11:00p – Friday Night Activity
12:30a – Curfew
8:30a – Breakfast
9:00a – Chapel
11:00a – Tournament Games
11a-5p – Open Recreation
12:00p – Lunch
5:00p – Supper
6:30p – Chapel
9:00p – Evening Extravaganza
12:00a – Curfew
8:30a – Breakfast (open ’til 10a)
9:00a – Open Recreation
10:30a – Chapel
12:00p – Head for Home