VBS Daily Question

Thursday, June 16, 2022  |  Bethel Church


We are having an exciting week in Vacation Bible School. Check out the pictures of our adventure. If you’d like to learn more, consider asking your child the “Daily Question.”


Talking It Over…

Today in lots of learning stations we learned about Jesus’ death on the cross. We used a marble, a lemon, and a tasting tablet.


Ask your child the “Daily Question”:

DAILY QUESTION: Ask your child to talk about the “word picture” of the marble, the lemon, and the tasting tablet.
Marble- The marble was a picture of our sin. We tried walking around with it in our shoe. We couldn’t solve the problem ourselves. Then the leader put all the marbles in her shoes so that none of the group needed to walk on them anymore. The Bible explains that when we disobey God it is called sin and the price of sin is death.
Lemon Slice- After Jesus was arrested, the crowd yelled and screamed for him to be punished even though he had done nothing wrong. They wanted to see Jesus die on the cross. It was a very sour and sad day. The lemon slice reminds of us Jesus’ sacrifice. All of us, every person, has sinned. Jesus never sinned but He was willing to die for us on the cross.

Tasting Tablet & Lemon- While the teacher told us about Jesus sacrifice we sucked on a special kind of candy. It didn’t have any taste but when we tried the lemon the second time, it was no longer sour. Now it had a sweet taste. This is a picture of what Jesus’ death means. I am, and never will be, “good enough” to be in a relationship with Jesus. It is His death on the cross that makes this possible and that is something to celebrate. He took the punishment for our sins so that we could have a forever relationship with God. He turned something terrible into something sweet.