Children’s Worship


Q: When does Children’s Worship start and where?
A: Beginning September 20, we will meet every Sunday during the 9:00am Worship Service in the Great Hall.
Q: Who can come?
A: Children ages 4- grade 6
Q: Do I need to come with my child?
A: Yes, children will need to have their temperature checked, and parents will need to answer a set of health questions. After your child is checked in, parents are free to go to their worship time.
Q: Does my child need to wear a mask?
A: We are leaving it up to parents to make the best decision for their family. However, children will sit in family groups on “Sit Spots” to practice social distancing. Smaller or younger family groups may combine with both families’ permission. Parents of preschool children must designate an older child to assist with their child or stay for the hour. Preschool children need to be independent in the bathroom.
Q: What will my child do for a whole hour?
A: Don’t worry, we have a full worship time planned with singing, Bible stories, application games and activities, mission activities and of course, crazy Rebecca and Kimberly skits.

Q: Do I need to pick my child up?
A: Yes, please pick up your child promptly after the service. No child, regardless of age will be dismissed on their own to attempt to keep our building “congestion free.” Thanks for understanding.


Q: What if my child is too young to go to children’s worship time?
A: Nursery will be available for children up through age 3 for 9:00am Worship Service only. Hard surface toys will be available that can be cleaned easily, and numbers will be limited to 10 children per side to comply with 50% occupancy rules. During the week, the nursery will be cleaned, and it will not be used by other groups to ensure the safest environment for Sunday morning worship. The nursing rooms will also be available for nursing moms.